Silvert’s - Senior Essentials Catalog


The Silvert’s free catalog is an invaluable resource for anyone in search of men’s and women’s apparel that is easy to put on and take off. This company is dedicated to providing adults who face challenges getting dressed with adaptive clothing that looks great and fits comfortably. Whether you’re a home health care worker or you have your own difficulties when it comes to putting on traditional clothing, the Silvert’s online catalog is a fantastic place to shop for apparel that’s been made with these factors under consideration. Aside from shirts, pants, and dresses that are suitable for everyday life, Silvert’s carries sportswear to help you stay active and vital. The catalog also has sleepwear, hospital gowns and intimates for men and women, ensuring your comfort in every situation. Adaptive clothing has come a long way in the last few years and Silvert’s is leading the charge when it comes to offering apparel that looks like it was purchased right off-the-rack. There’s no longer any reason to struggle with clothing that’s difficult to maneuver now that you have the handy Silvert’s catalog at your fingertips!