Lamps Plus Catalog Request

Lamps Plus Catalog Request

Lighting isn’t just about functionality. How you illuminate your home, office, or commercial building dictates its overall aesthetic. Lights are a powerful tool that can create a specific mood.

Keep things bright and cheery to instill a sense of energy into a space. Alternatively, you can use mood lighting to create calm while still having the illumination you need to move around. Whatever your goals, Lamps Plus is here to make your ideas a reality!

The Lamps Plus catalog is your prime source of all things lights. From practical lighting to stunning showpieces, there’s something for every room.

If you’re in the process of decorating your home, the sky’s the limit when it comes to lighting. Make a statement with a breathtaking chandelier in your entryway or formal living room! Lamps Plus has no shortage of chandelier styles.

Go modern with sleek glass and ornate components. If you’re feeling more elegant and glam, you’ll have no problem finding crystal-filled pieces to fulfill every fairytale fantasy you can think up! Lamps Plus also has lighting to complement design schemes like farmhouse chic, industrial, and more.

Don’t have the space for a full-fledged chandelier? No worries! Lamps Plus also carries pendant lighting and smaller hanging pieces. The pendant lights look great in the kitchen or dining room. You can even hang a series of them along your kitchen bar to accent the space and give your guests some conversation lighting.

As always, there are tons of designs at your disposal. The smaller footprint allows for clever planning. Pendants can be a statement piece, all the same, tying all of your other design efforts into one uniform look.

If performance and functionality are your top priorities, look no further than the ceiling lights collection. Lamps Plus has countless products to suit any space.

Lower ceilings can benefit from recessed lighting or compact can lights. They take up very little room, leaving as much space as possible for tall people to walk around without having to duck! Rooms with more space to spare will look great other options. For example, track lighting can help you illuminate a relatively large area without having to foot the bill for new receptacles. Just spread the individual cans on the track, point them in various directions, and flip the switch!

Want to install new lights on your walls? The Lamps Plus catalog has more wall-mounted options than you could imagine.

Accent hallways with beautiful wall sconces. They cast a gorgeous glow and provide subtle illumination that’s easy on the eyes. For those rooms that need a bit of extra light for productivity, try a traditional wall lamp. Wall-mounted lamps work well for offices, libraries, and more.

Of course, Lamps Plus carries outdoor lights, too. Pick up the perfect porch lamp to light the way on those late-night outings. Have some meandering paths in your garden? Invest in small path spotlights and solar-powered models.

Landscapers and outdoor designers love Lamps Plus because there’s an endless array of products to create the perfect yard. Highlight plants, illuminate outdoor living spaces, and create a touch of whimsy.

Once you finish outfitting your home with the best lights possible, you can turn to the furniture collection. Lamps Plus prioritizes lighting fixtures, but it’s not the only thing you’ll find. Discover beautiful ceiling lamps that match your favorite furniture set. Many also come with pendants, doing double-duty to illuminate your home and increase air circulation.

A sizable collection of pieces for your bedroom, living room, and everywhere in between are available, too. Find a must-have table for family get-togethers or a functional cabinet for storing knick-knacks. You can also find those finishing touches, like mirrors, throw pillows, clocks, and more.

Turn to Lamps Plus for all your decorating needs. Your lighting fixtures are a significant investment that can serve your home for years to come. By shopping with the Lamps Plus catalog, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the very best.