Lakeside Collection Catalog

Lakeside Collection Catalog

Scroll through the Lakeside Collection catalog for an extensive line-up of products that will enrich your home and personal life. You’ll find everything from kitchen tools to garden accessories, home office staples to clothing and personal accessories, even toys, treats, and supplies for your beloved household pets. There’s something here for every member of the family and every part of your home, so take some time to browse the Lakeside Collection catalog today.

Upgrade your home’s look with decorative statement pieces and matching furniture from the Lakeside Collection catalog’s extensive home décor lines. You’ll find nonslip floor runners and themed rugs, curtains and wall clocks, couches and quilted seat covers, and more. It’s not all about style, either: pieces like slim, modern spice racks, wooden ladder shelves, or quirky canning jar chandeliers add tons of personality to your rooms without sacrificing practicality and function.

Bring that same spirit of style and utility to your lawn and garden with the Lakeside Collection catalog’s gardening and outdoor selection. Whether you’re adding a touch of sophistication to your yard with solar fairy light lanterns or rearranging your humble garden with rustic plant holders, the Lakeside Collection catalog has something for you. Portable hammocks, NFL-themed garden gnomes, mason jar planters, themed bird nesters, and more give you a glimpse of the kind of atmosphere you can create with the Lakeside Collection’s pieces: a little quirky, a bit modern or rustic depending on your taste, and 100% cozy and welcoming.

Of course, it takes some work to maintain your home, and the Lakeside Collection catalog gives you all the tools you need to keep everything spick and span. Repair those sink pipes with the help of universal grip wrenches, or reach those gutters with a safety rail-equipped step ladder. Bring some order to your magazine collection with sets of media organizer bags, and keep everything looking good as new with tools like carpet sweepers, spray mops, heavy-duty scouring stones, and more. The Lakeside Collection catalog even carries useful electronics like car Bluetooth speakers, dual-USB wall chargers, and wireless alert systems that will be of great use to everybody in the family.

The Lakeside Collection goes beyond home and garden by offering personal items as well, from clothing lines for women, men, and kids, to accessories like luggage sets, jewelry, footwear, and more. Now your wardrobe can boast of the same care and flair that you bring to the rest of your home, and you can keep the whole family stylish and comfortable without even switching catalogs.

The Lakeside Collection online catalog is available alongside the Lakeside Collection’s seasonal paper catalogs, so you can browse for those essentials whether or not you’re tapped into the web. Shipping is easy to account for with the Lakeside Collection’s standardized charges, and the company handles shipping for returns and exchanges, so you’re sure of satisfactory, hassle-free transactions every time.