KingSize Catalog

KingSize Catalog

Being a bigger guy has its challenges when finding comfortable and stylish clothes. You have limited choices if you don’t fit into the “standard” sizing mold. When you see things that might work, they’re likely unflattering and uncomfortable to wear.

When you shop at KingSize, those struggles are a thing of the past. The KingSize catalog is full of stylish garments exclusively made for your figure. These aren’t smaller clothes sized up as an afterthought. The products are made for guys like you, giving you a brand-new way to fill your closet and express your personal style.

Look through the KingSize collection; it’ll feel like a fever dream! For many guys, it’s the first time in their lives they ever have such a vast selection of clothes to look through. Take your time! There’s plenty to discover.

Start with the basics. KingSize has simple tees that you can use alone or as part of a trendier layered look. Find classic crewnecks, cozy V-necks, sleek polos, and more. You’ll also discover some great graphic tees. Put the logo of your favorite sports team on full display, or find a shirt that rocks your alma mater!

Long-sleeve basic tees and henleys are available, too.

Once you have the basics, check out the casual shirts. From eye-catching plaid button-ups to comfortable shirts covered in vibrant patterns, KingSize has it all. You’re free to let your personality shine through. For once, you have the entire collection to pick from—no more settling for leftover sizes that don’t necessarily fit with your aesthetic. Now, you can be as bold, minimalistic, or edgy as you want. The ball is in your court!

Many of the shirts are great for being active. Find denim shirts and outdoor-ready attire that you can take anywhere. From camping to fishing, these garments will keep you safe and comfortable. The same goes for the activewear collection.

Get your workout on and feel comfortable doing it! Breathable shirts will help you feel good as you’re breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, joggers and shorts give you plenty of mobility.

Head over to the bottoms collection when you pick up all the tops you could ever want. Bottoms are notoriously challenging to buy as a bigger guy. The standard sizes often make it impossible to breathe and move without feeling constricted.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with any of that when you shop from the KingSize catalog. Find pants and shorts up to size 72W. Get the perfect fit without settling for something you hate!

The collection is impressive. It’s not only a handful of items.

You have your full pick from classic denim jeans to work-ready slacks. KingSize also has cargo shorts, sweatpants, and more. Many of the bottoms have elastic elements built into the waistband. This small touch makes a big difference, helping you get a snug fit that doesn’t constrict you in any way.

Need to get a polished look? Whether you’re shopping for date night or a big event when you have to dress up to the nines, KingSize has you covered. At KingSize, you can buy an entire suit. From dressy formal suits to ensembles you can wear to the office to impress, it’s all here. As always, sizing is highly varied, making it easy to get something that looks and fits wonderfully.

Don’t forget about the extras to complete your outfit. We’re talking about shoes and accessories!

Shoes can be challenging to buy, too. If you wear wide sizes, most stores don’t have much to offer. But KingSize has shoes with widths up to 18EWW. Best of all, you can find styles for every occasion. Pick up simple tennis shoes for everyday wear, formal loafers or dress shoes to wear with suits, and everything in between. No matter your style, there’s something for you at KingSize.

For accessories, KingSize has everything you need to complete your look. KingSize has you covered head to toe. From compression socks and underwear to hats, jewelry, and watches, it’s all here. You’ll find bags, belts that fit, and cologne from well-known brands.

The KingSize catalog is well worth a look-through. Finding clothes as a big and tall man is never easy. But KingSize gives you a treasure trove of options to look your best through life’s memories. Check it out and see what garments you find!