Keepsake Quilting Catalog

Keepsake Quilting Catalog

Find your one-stop fabric crafting shop at Keepsake Quilting. You’ll be able to shop an impressive collection of fabrics, patterns, tools, and even complete quilting kits, perfect for outfitting your dream quilting workshop. Not only that, but the Keepsake Quilting catalog also features products from its sister catalogs Keepsake Patternworks and NeedleArts, so you can also find supplies for knitting, crochet, and other needle arts.

The Keepsake Quilting catalog is well-organized, extensive, and informative, so you get all the details you need to make an informed and satisfactory purchase. Search for items by type, size, manufacturer, color or skill level, and so on. To start with, the Keepsake Quilting catalog features patterns that will be enjoyable for beginners and experienced crafters alike, complete with directions for the most beautiful results. Your pattern choices range from applique to 2-1/2” strip quilts and more.

Beyond the patterns, Keepsake Quilting features a huge array of quilting fabrics to suit every need and occasion. This product catalog boasts of over 15,000 different quilting materials, from prints, batiks, and solids to fabric packs for your convenience. Browse different pre-cut sizes or order fabrics by the yard. If you need more variety for your order, you can check out the Keepsake Quilting catalog’s fabric medleys or collections. And if you’re looking for some unique fabric choices, go ahead and check out the Keepsake Quilting catalog’s exclusives.

You’ll need high-quality tools and quilting notions to make the most of your premium-grade materials, and the Keepsake Quilting catalog is ready to help you there. You’ll find all sorts of books and resources to bulk up your skill kit: from specialty pattern books to the latest issues of Patchwork Magazine, you’ll find both classic references and the latest designs at your fingertips.

Those are just the beginning, though, as the Keepsake Quilting catalog also stocks every kind of tool you could need. You’ll find ruler work kits, fabric cutter starter sets, stencils and marking tools, applique tools, lighting and magnifiers, and even specially made tables to make your quilting much easier. The Keepsake Quilting catalog can help you with every aspect of your workshop and process.

You can browse the Keepsake Quilting online catalog, or you can request their free, full-color paper catalog as well. Keepsake Quilting offers a generous return or refund policy, letting you return your orders within 90 days if you don’t find them satisfactory. So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re exclusively a quilter or looking to venture into needlecrafts like knitting, crochet, and more, the Keepsake Quilting catalog has everything you need to spin those fabrics into something beautiful.