K. Van Bourgondien Catalog

K. Van Bourgondien Catalog

When your goal is to add depth, beauty, and dimension to your yard or garden, start today by shopping the extensive array of plants and flowers in K. Van Bourgondien’s new catalog. Discover everything you need to bring your landscaping to life. Choose from annuals like tulips or perennials like chrysanthemums, all of which are available for seasonal low prices.

If you want your flowers to bloom year after year, select from any of K. Van Bourgondien’s collection of bulbs. Discover popular choices like tulips, begonias, and lilies. Also consider exotic flowers like caladiums, dahlias, and cannas, all of which bloom with vibrant colors and bring intoxicating scents to your yard.

Perhaps you want to add shade to certain parts of your yard. Add plants like astilbe and caladiums that are guaranteed to grow large and lush in order to give your yard the desired amount of shade and color.

When you shop from your free catalog, you will find every item marked down to the lowest possible prices. The more you buy from K. Van Bourgondien, the more money you actually save. You can also place large orders that will be handled efficiently and quickly. You can even keep track of your order by using the order status resource on the website.

Make your yard the envy of the neighborhood this season with the plants and flowers from K. Van Bourgondien. Get guaranteed wholesale prices on all of your spring and fall planting selections online today.