Gardener’s Supply - Gardening Tools Catalog

Gardener’s Supply

Whether your goal is to make the world better through gardening or you just enjoy the hobby, the Gardener’s Supply Company catalog has something for everyone and every skill level. As a trusted source for gardeners across the United States, the selection ranges from fruits and veggies to flowers, different types, and sizes of planters, soil and fertilizers, and even tools and accessories ranging from composting and landscaping to watering and lighting.

If you are looking to redecorate your outdoor space this season, the company offers beautiful decor and furniture as well. A wide selection of rooftop and vertical planters even allow those living in the city to enjoy urban gardening. Look for all-natural repellents to keep your garden safe indoors or out from pests, insects, deer, rabbits, and so much more!

Don’t forget to check out the indoor living section, featuring home decorating accessories, oil diffusers, spa and bath products, kitchen tools, and canning accessories. Because they care, Gardener’s Supply Company is also well-known for offering gardeners advice to keep plants thriving all season. Even better, the Gardner’s Supply Company mail catalog is the nation’s first carbon-neutral catalog, reducing the company’s environmental footprint.