Cyclone Rake - Free Lawn Care Catalog

Cyclone Rake

Cyclone Rake offers a free catalog featuring powerful, high-quality lawn and leaf rakes that are built to last. Cyclone Rakes are one of the most popular landscaping tools on the market, thanks to the fact that they make cleaning up plant debris fast, easy and efficient. They’ll attach to virtually any mower and have the largest capacity of any leaf vac on the market. In addition to the vacuums themselves, this online catalog carries all the parts and accessories you’ll ever need to keep your Cyclone Rake running smoothly for many years to come.

Ask any professional landscaper and they’ll tell you that there’s really no comparison between the Cyclone Rake brand and other lawn and leaf vacs. These tow-behind vacuums pick up and mulch fallen leaves in the fall and serve to clean up lawn clippings during the spring and summer months. Even better, this handy tool folds up neatly to make winter storage a snap. Forget all about those back-breaking manual rakes and shovels. The Cyclone Rake landscaping vacuum is here to make keeping your yard immaculate as easy as 1-2-3!