Gold Violin Catalog - Senior Care Catalog

Gold Violin Catalog

It is with great regret to inform you that the Gold Violin Catalog is no longer available. Please continue to shop for great catalogs at as we strive to bring you the best selection of catalogs from the brands you love and trust.

Now you can age with grace, thanks to the Gold Violin product catalog. Offering aids, tools, accessories, and home fixtures to accommodate every need, this online catalog helps you live in comfort and style, with little fuss.

Every aspect of your life can benefit from that Gold Violin touch. Maintain your strength and energy with special exercise and fitness tools that you can easily set up and use at home. Folding manual treadmills, rowers, or exercise bikes will give you the benefit of dedicated fitness machines without cluttering your home. Meanwhile, exercise band kits and step exercisers make it easy to integrate fitness into your daily routine. And for any aches and pains you might get from the active life, the Gold Violin catalog offers you knee straps, brace supports, and more to help you cope.

Should you be looking for tools that will help you work around the effects of existing or chronic health conditions, the Gold Violin catalog can also help you out. Shop magnifiers of various strengths or sets of reading glasses to augment your eyesight, or get specially designed home phone kits and wireless TV headphones that will mitigate problems with your hearing. Even specialty equipment like diabetes blood glucose monitors and quick-fold rollators are available in the Gold Violin catalog, alongside other tools for addressing the challenges that come with conditions like arthritis, incontinence, and so on.

Personal accessories and tools aren’t the only stars of the Gold Violin catalog, however. You’ll find apparel, bags, and more designed specifically for seniors, too. From shoulder cozies to knit sport capris and fleece jackets, you’ll find clothing that will keep you comfortable without making you look dowdy. Footwear and socks, like the Swede-O plantar fasciitis shoe or lightweight wash-and-wear slip-ons, come in a variety of styles and colors. Choose from colorful patterns and florals to classy solid colors for your support tights or socks, your sandals or Mary Janes. Men get the same breadth of options from the Gold Violin catalog, too, with knitwear, loafers, water shoes, and more.

For complete comfort, the Gold Violin catalog also offers you all kinds of fixtures that will help adapt your home to your needs. Tub safety rails, folding toilet supports and safety poles, kitchen foot stools with handrails, and more keep you safe without hobbling your mobility. Assistive tray holders that you can snap onto your favorite armchair, all-purpose rolling tables, movable specialty cushions, and more help bring your home’s conveniences to wherever you happen to be.

The Gold Violin catalog features an extensive collection of products designed to help you adapt to the unique demands of senior age with style and aplomb. You can browse the online catalog or request a free mail-order catalog for your perusal. All orders ship to the continental US and US territories, with tracking available for each shipment. Check out the Gold Violin catalog today.