Chinaberry - Free Catalog

It is with great regret to inform you that the Chinaberry catalog closed its doors. Please continue to shop for great catalogs at as we strive to bring you the best selection of catalogs from the brands you love and trust.

Within this popular, free catalog, a world of adventure awaits for all ages! Chinaberry’s mission is to search out children’s books that are positive and uplifting for kids. To share these great books with the world, Chinaberry’s catalog was created. Today, the catalog serves over 3.5 million people worldwide, with over one million books sold annually. The selection ranges from babies and toddlers to children, teens, and adults, and houses more options than just fiction or nonfiction, including audiobooks, classic tales, coloring books, cookbooks, and stories on a range of subjects. Additionally, Chinaberry offers a variety of products for children such as toys, gifts, lunchboxes, and fun accessories as well as soaps, beauty essentials, and jewelry for the grown-ups. Chinaberry has searched high and low for the most unique, fun books that will brighten children’s learning time and strengthen their imaginations, one book at a time! The free Chinaberry catalog is a great resource for parents and gift-givers alike. Request your catalog today!